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Motion Sprinklers

Scarecrow Motion Sprinkler

March 24, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 


Unlike a motion sensor light, the Scarecrow¬†CRO101 Motion Sprinkler won’t help you when you are fumbling with your keys in the middle of the night, but there are a ton of useful applications for it:

Keep cats out of yard: Cats really don’t like this thing. This is an easy way to keep the neighbors cat from digging in your yard without irritating its owner.

Keeping dogs out of yard: Admittedly there are a few breeds of dog that think this is just a great toy, but at least they will be frolicking rather than leaving a present on your lawn.

Keep deer out of garden: The Scarecrow has a feature to pause for eight seconds between bursts. This really disturbs flighty animals like deer. It is also effective against rabbits and chickens.

Discourage people: Whether they be bums, burglars, Jehovah’s Witnesses, or Girl Scouts, they will likely choose easier pickings. Be warned this also goes for the mailman, Publishers Clearing House, and other desired guests.

Pond guard: If there is a heron eating koi out of your pond, or a raccoon eating your fish. this is the answer.

Repel skunks and other undesirables: If it likes to scuttle in the night and is big enough to be detected, it won’t like the Scarecrow. Skunk sprayed your dog? Give it a taste of its own medicine!

This unit works day and night. For most applications, this is nice, but if you just want it for one or the other, you are out of luck. It runs off of a 9 volt battery (not included). It comes with a 17″ stake and setup is easy. Just attach the hose and the stake, put in the battery, and it is ready to go.

Amazon carries this motion detecting sprinkler, and it is usually eligible for prime shipping.