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Commercial, Flood Lighting, Halogen, Heath/Zenith, House, Metal, Motion Sensitive, Security, Yard

Twin Heath Zenith SL-5512-BZ-B 300-Watt Security Light



If you are tired of dim security lights, then this is the light for you. With 300 watts of halogen, this heavy duty security light will put out enough light to turn any lurking vampires to ash.

It has some good adjustments for sensitivity and brightness, and you will likely want to use them. This isn’t a good light to have pointed at your neighbors window and waking them up all night every time the cat walks through the yard. The wattage is such that you don’t want to pay for a lot of false triggers either. It features pulse counting to reduce false triggering from wind, adjustable detection range, swiveling sensor and lights, and duration controls. There is a dim setting for outdoor accent lighting that will brighten upon detecting motion, making this an excellent choice for exterior commercial lighting. It has up to 70′ range and 240° of sensitivity, making this double light ideal for corners. It is built to last with a heavy duty cast metal shell and bulbs are included. Many sites seem to be implying that 300 Watt bulbs can be used in this light, but I believe they are mistaken. The product just advertises this number as a total.

Available via amazon in white or bronze.

A single version of this floodlight is also available.