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Sylvania Wireless Motion Sensor Anywhere LED Lights


These Wireless motion sensor lights by Sylvania are easy to stick anywhere. They have a strong magnet on the back, come with  a piece of sticky foam, and have screw holes for more permanent attachments (the mount has a nicely designed detachment if you want to remove the light). The lights are about the size of a racquetball, and have a small switch on the side with three settings: on, off, and auto (motion sensitive). They take three AAA batteries, and after being triggered many times every night by me and my pets, the batteries last about four months, six if you don’t mind it being dim.

The motion detector is quite sensitive and only triggers in the dark. The smooth light output is about that of a bright flashlight. They have rubber seals on the major seams, and I’ve had one outside for most of a year now getting hit by rain and hail, and it is no worse for wear. The way the motion sensor sticks out one side makes it easy to boost its sensitivity in a single direction, and the head swivels about 80°. I’ve found them useful as closet lights and cupboard lights, and I’ve stuck some to my forced air heating vents on my ceiling as motion activated night lights so that I can walk around at night without squinting, waking up the family, or tripping over the cat. Using the magnet means they are easy to just grab and take with me if need be. Looking inside them, the actual circuitry takes up very little space and seems like it would be easily converted to other use for robotics or other motion sensitive applications.

I’ve seen these at Costco, or you can save yourself the trip and have it conveniently delivered from amazon.