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This little plug in motion sensor light plug isn’t terribly glamorous, but it is so useful it is worth picking up a couple just to have when you need one. Use a motion sensor indoor plug for your Christmas tree, so you don’t always have to go unplug it, use it for fans, lights, radios, and other things you only tend to use while you are in the room. You can even put them on the ends of extension cords to get a motion detector plug right where you want it for a specific task, like shooing the cat off the table with a fan. Use them to light up display cases or bookshelves as someone approaches them. Use a motion light plug for accent lighting for when you enter a room or bathroom at night and don’t want the main lights on.

A motion sensor outlet can be nice in the garage or other outdoor places that don’t get hit with bad weather, this model doesn’t sense passive infrared very quickly when it’s very cold.

The unit can handle up to 500 Watts, which should be enough for most things you would plug into it, but not for the higher powered heaters and air conditioners. It does have a safety fuse, and comes with a spare. There is a duration adjustment on the back (2-6 minutes), and a switch for night or anytime. They’re cheap, and they save a lot of electricity. This is one of those items that more than pays for itself in short order.

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