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Outdoor Security Camera System

Oudoor Security Cameras

A couple well placed security cameras can be a great supplement to security lights. I try to keep the solutions on this site within the realm of what the average person can purchase and install, and this Logitech Alert 750e Outdoor Master Security System with Night Vision is no exception.

I’ve been anticipating the release of the 750e for a while, and now that it’s finally out, I’m not disappointed. This is a modern take on security. Instead of a ton of wiring and some kind of clunky VCR-like receiver, this will hook directly into your computer network via an ordinary electrical outlet (you still need one ethernet port for the receiver), or when there is no network access, it can store weeks’ worth of data on a MicroSD card (included). You can also view the live feed from the cameras from a remote computer or smartphone (this is free!).

The system comes with one camera, the HomePlug Network Adapter, and all you need to get the master system installed. You can add additional cameras (up to six), which come in indoor or weatherproofed outdoor variants. Be sure to get the Logitech Alert though, as they have a previous camera called the WiLife, which has much lesser specs and is not compatible with the Alert 750.

The Alert 750 has a high definition (960 x 720 at 15 fps) camera with night vision and wide angle 130° field of view. Each camera has 16 motion detection zones which you can select from in the software, so you can set each camera to ignore motion in selected areas of the picture (like roads and sidewalks). The audio is defaulted to off in the software for each camera, so don’t forget to turn it on if you want it. You’ll get some blur on fast moving subjects, but the picture is much nicer than most of the competition.

The remote features are remarkably robust as well. You can have the cameras send you alerts when they detect motion, and you can view the feed remotely, and zoom in on areas of interest if you have a small screen. The night vision is sufficient to capture video in complete darkness, but for a nice image at night, use the cameras in concert with motion lights. If you want an easy setup and value quality over quantity, this is your camera. It’s nice to see a modern alternative. Most of the other systems seem outdated right out of the box.

Amazon carries these, which is convenient.