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Nite Guard: Solar Animal Repeller


One of the problems with conventional outdoor motion lighting or sprinklers for controlling nocturnal animals, is that the light and noise can disturb you, your neighbors, and your livestock at night. Guard against these nocturnal predators with the Nite Guard. It is a very targeted and cleverly designed system specifically designed to keep nocturnal pests out of your yard. It is a tiny 3″ solar powered unit with a tiny flashing dusk to dawn red LED, which is interpreted by animals as the reflective eye of a predator staring straight at them.

The manufacturer recommends that you put up several of them facing different directions so animals won’t just circle around from behind. It works well as a deer repeller, but you may need to move them around once in a while to keep them from getting used to them. A local feed store recommended these to keep raccoons and weasels away from my chickens, and they also recommend it for rabbit keepers. It works against skunks too, but keep in mind they can only see about ten feet. Some other things the manufacturer claims the Nite Guard will repel:¬†owls, coyotes, herons, possums, foxes, bobcats, muskrats, bears, skunks, cougar, wild boar, mink and weasels, but apparently is useless against beavers. I’m a little surprised to hear them claim it repels bears. I may send some to my parents to test this out on their many bears.

They seem a bit pricey if you want to buy a bunch of them, but if you have ever been woken up in the middle of the night by raccoons in the henhouse, you know it is a small price to pay, and they are self contained and solar powered. You may only need one for a lot of applications, like keeping coons out of your bird feeder. It may actually even be effective against people. Something about seeing a red light when you approach just screams fancy silent security system. In general, post them around the eye level of whatever you are intending to repel, and about a hundred feet apart for big animals like bear and deer, and 25 feet apart for small animals like raccoons.

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