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36 LED Solar Powered Security Light (motion sensitive)



These motion lights don’t need any wiring into your electrical system, so you can just put it wherever you like and put the little solar panel wherever it will get at least a little light.

The unit consists of a swiveling 36 LED light, a swiveling motion sensor, and  a solar panel with a cord that connects into the main unit. There is an on/off button (well sealed) and a duration adjustment. The place where the cord attaches doesn’t seem terribly water tight, but I’ve had it out in the rain for most of a year with no ill effects. A little sealant would allay any worries. Once the panel has charged the unit, the cord can be removed and the unit will still function as long as it has battery power. I just leave it plugged in, but I imagine it would be a breeze to switch this to a different DC power source. Maybe convert it to wind power for those winters in Alaska? It uses a 1.2 volt, 600mAh/6 volt NiCd rechargeable battery pack (included). The LED lighting is very efficient and puts out a moderately focused beam bright enough to get your attention and light up anything  in front of it with a brightness equivalent to several flashlights (rated to 16 feet). The sensor is sensitive to 120°.  Both the light and the sensor swivel, there are quick release screw mounts on the back, and the cord on the solar panel is several feet long in case you want to mount it elsewhere. This is  good light to stick in a hard to wire part of your yard to  alert you to people or discourage nocturnal animals. I’ve been using it to keep raccoons out of my pond.

I found mine at Harbor Freight. Amazon also has this light last time I checked here: 36 LED Solar Security Light on amazon.

They often have it quite a bit cheaper at the Harbor Freight website.

They also have a similar selection of lights here.